The Reactions To Sean Spicer’s Surprise Appearance At The EMMYs Were Priceless

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Well, another award night has come and gone. Dresses were glamorous, suits were suits, gold plated awards were handed to people who did things for TV. We had fun. The stand out moment of the night came when a politician, nay, a communication director for a politician, NAY, a former communications director for a politician walked onstage and parodied himself. Yes, Sean Spicer replayed his “biggest crowd ever” speech (tall tale?) tailored for the EMMYs. The audience was completely shaken.

When he entered, the crowd was shocked, blown away, aghast, crestfallen, and every other word that describes someone who has lost their composure from shock.

It was like they saw a comedic ghost. Has anyone every looked more surprised than Anna Chlumsky?

Most the audience loved it.

Which, yeah, that was the point.

Melissa McCarthy, who was nominated for her impersonation of Spicer, was…bemused.

You really can’t tell if she thinks it’s funny or if she feels badly for him.

Fact: the reactions he got at the EMMYs were better than any he received from the press.

This is, generally, how people have responded to what he has said in the last eight months

With good reason. It’s just that his speeches work better as comedy than news.

Just watch the whole thing.

Could we delve into the implications of Sean Spicer’s willingness to mock what was once assumed to be the President’s words? I mean, we could, but I’d rather talk about how Sean Spicer nailed his Sean Spicer impersonation.