9 Habits of Naturally Skinny People


We all know how hard dieting is. From counting calories, to worrying about every little slip, it feels like you might have a panic attack every time food is mentioned. And chocolate. Sweet, sweet, chocolate. We’ll just have one bite.

Dieting has come to represent suffering, frustration, and ultimately– failure. It’s easy be envious of “naturally” skinny people. It must be their genes. They must starve themselves. While genes play into it a little bit, naturally skinny people put in a lot of unconscious work in their lives to make their relationship with food easy and natural. Take a look.

1. They don’t skip meals.

How many times have you heard yourself justifying an extra slice of cake by promising to skip your next meal? Or saying, “I’ll just skip lunch so I can have a larger dinner”? Skinny people don’t do this. They know the havoc you can wreak on your metabolism by trying to cheat your way through a diet. Skipping meals slows your metabolism down, leading to more unwanted pounds even if you’re taking in fewer calories. They make each meal an event, treating food with respect. And it works.

2. They eat several smaller meals.

If anything, skinny people eat extra meals. This is kind of mind-blowing for some of us, since we’ve come to view meals as a dieting enemy. Eating more smaller meals, however, helps you practice portion control, keeping your body fueled without overdoing it. If you eat five smaller meals instead of three huge ones, you’re more likely to eat fruits and vegetables for those “in-between” meals, rather than a bag of Doritos and a soda. Skinny people know this, and relish in the freedom to eat multiple times a day without gaining a pound.

3. They don’t sit still.

You know that annoying person at the office who jiggles their foot all day? Or the pencil-tapper in school? Turns out they’re not just annoying you, but burning tons of calories at the same time. In a Mayo Clinic trial, the thin volunteers were more likely to be moving in some way, logging 2 hours more activity than the overweight participants. The skinny subjects burned through 350 extra calories a day just by moving around. Why exercise when you can integrate movement into your lifestyle? Park in a space far away from work or the grocery store. Fidget at your desk. Get up and walk around during your workday. Not only will this keep your head clearer, but you’ll keep more weight off than you thought possible.

4. They weigh themselves.

Not obsessively, mind you. If you’re checking between meals, you might want to rethink your weighing routine. But skinny people do keep loose track of what they weigh. They don’t sweat over a pound or two, knowing that water weight can fluctuate, but instead set an acceptable range of weight which is appropriate for their bodies. This means they can take action if their weight starts to get out of control– usually by cutting out carbs and sugar.

5. They take their time.

Skinny people don’t eat standing up. They don’t eat on the go, and they certainly don’t worry about how long they take to eat. In our fast paced society it’s accepted to try and scarf down food as quickly as possible, but our bodies don’t handle this kind of treatment well. You can’t digest food as quickly or as easily when your body is stressed from movement or just, well, stress. Naturally skinny people sit down and treat each meal like an occasion, with respect and reverence. Their slow eating might not win them any friends when they go out to eat, but it helps them stay aware enough of their body to notice when they’ve eaten enough, giving them time to stop.

6. They choose to be satisfied instead of stuffed.

Skinny people unconsciously rate themselves on a scale of 1 to 10, and stay away from the 10 on a scale of fullness. They eat until their bodies have had enough, and no more. If there are leftovers, they save them for another day. You can always eat more later, but you can’t go back and take away what you’ve already shoveled down. Skinny people combine this with their superpower of slow eating to make sure they never overeat, even on a dish they love.

7. They don’t eat emotionally.

We know Ben and Jerry’s is the best breakup doctor out there, but when it comes to emotional eating, skinny people limit it to actually traumatizing moments in their lives. All of us go out for a treat when things are going disastrously, but do you really need that brownie just because your favorite character in Game of Thrones died? Probably not. Skinny people cut emotions from their food and eat to nourish, not to fulfill.

8. They have boring diets.

Oddly enough, eating the same thing over and over again– even if it’s not a particularly healthy food– will put less on your waistline than indulging in the food periodically. Mind you, this isn’t an excuse to start an all-cake diet, but it does mean that skinny people have several staples in their diet, and they stick to them. In reality, this means you eat the crockpot meal you made on Monday for several days in a row before seeking new kinds of food. Not particularly exciting, but it curbs overeating, simplifies your cooking and grocery bill, and cuts down on waste. Pretty convincing.

9. They respect their shut-eye.

Skinny people sleep. Period. No, they don’t catch another round of Netflix, or just one more chapter of that amazing book. Sleep deprivation happens to all of us, but skinny people try a little harder to get some shut-eye. Turns out your body fights fat and regulates your metabolism while asleep. When you skip out on sleep, it means food hits a little harder the next day, and you tend to eat a little more than you should to deal with the lack of energy. Take it from the skinny people and get some sleep.