Lena Dunham, Cyndi Lauper and Anna Wintour Send Cautionary Messages to Their Younger Selves


In Seth Meyers‘ latest installment of “A Message To My Younger Self,” actress (and Taylor Swift bestie) Lena Dunham, fashion guru Anna Wintour and pop turned country star Cyndi Lauper sat down to send a few cautionary messages to their younger, less wise selves.

While Lena basically told her younger self to keep doing what she’s doing and go with her gut, Anna and Cyndi had some words of wisdom to share.

The ultra-stylish Anna jokingly (we hope) warned herself against getting a duck tattoo on her forehead “because then you’ll have to wear bangs for the rest of your life,” she said. And Cyndi, well, she cautioned her younger self against thinking that girls only want to have fun. Now, as an older and wiser woman, she has realized that “what’s really fun is peace of mind a financial security.”