“Saturday Night Live” Nails Every Woman’s Gift and Curse– The Regifted Candle


It happens to every woman. Sometimes, multiple times a year. You have to give someone you don’t really know a gift. You’re a regular human, so you want to give this person something somewhat not terrible, so what do you do? You look in the closet under your stairs to see what’s in there and there it is– a candle someone gave you at a work Christmas party. It’s perfect.

“Saturday Night Live” nailed the regifted candle with its spot-on music video for “The Christmas Candle.”

A woman has to give a gift for some woman at work named Jen,
She doesn’t know what Jen likes and she doesn’t super care,
So she goes inside a closet just to see what crap’s in there,
Through the darkness there’s a light,
Then suddenly, she sees the Christmas savior’s here tonight.

It’s a candle, one peach candle,
It’s been sitting by a bike pump for a year…

We all get the candle, we gift the candle…
The gift to having a gift to give away.