Cracker Barrel Almost Got The Respect It Deserves During This SNL Skit


To be honest, I’ve never thought you could mix up a mid-level furniture store and America’s favorite Southern restaurant. But neither am I Will Ferrell eating lunch in an office break room. So when he confuses Cracker Barrel and Crate & Barrel during an almost-too-real office story, I couldn’t help but laugh and think about how I don’t go to Cracker Barrel enough.

SNL nails the fact that Cracker Barrel is the marquee restaurant of the South and that even the menus are made with butter. Its a gluten/dairy/carb full kind of place. That’s why we love it, decorated with all of those crates and barrels not from Crate & Barrel. And, if you think about it, Cracker Barrel is the Crate & Barrel of southern soul food. Wait, is that right?

If you’ve ever had a group lunch in an office break room, this skit may hit close to home. The stilted conversation, the guy who gets his feelings hurt too easily, the pent up feelings that come spilling out in way over-the top comments. It happens. We’re just sorry Cracker Barrel had to get mixed up in all of it. It’s a family place for friends.