SNL Took Super Bowl Trash-Talking Back to Colonial Times and It Was Brilliant


Tina Fey and Rachel Draft returned to “Saturday Night Live” on the eve of the Super Bowl to remind the world that the rivalry between Boston and Philadelphia has been going on since at least 1775, if not before.

As if fan bases for the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles weren’t already known for their boasting and tirades, fans during the Revolutionary War appear to be even worse.

As the argument went on, the Patriots boasted that their Thomas Brady had “the best cannon” and Philadelphians claimed, “Boston is just a college town with a fishing pier.”

By the end, John Hancock noted to the Philadelphians, “You are overdue for victory, and I wish you all the best in your upcoming battle. But if you do win, please, be cool. Just because the British don’t burn your city, doesn’t mean you have to.”