Snow Day? Time to Organize Your Closet


You have a spontaneous day off so you do what any self-respecting adult would do. You decide to organize your closet! Okay, so maybe that is stretching the truth just a bit, but it is much more productive that binge watching Gossip Girl on Netflix. Besides, Netflix isn’t going anywhere, you can do that over the weekend!

So where to start? There are five easy steps to getting your closet organized once and for all:

Step 1: Designate Your Staging Area

You’ll need to know where the organization process is going down. Your bed or a clean corner of your room works nicely. Remember, you will be pulling everything out of your closet so plan accordingly for space. One great tip is to have a hanging rack handy so you can see your clothes once they are out of the closet area. Take your time with this process, music and friend definitely helps!

Step 2: Organize into Categories

This is where piles or even storage containers will come in handy to start separating all your items into like groups. If you prefer to really get organized, start out with three initial piles: “keep,” toss” and “donate.” Once you have everything into those groups, further separate your “keep” pile into pants, shorts, shoes, etc. Place smaller items in mason jars or plastic baggies to make sure you don’t lose them.

Step 3: Remove Unwanted Items

Remember those things in “toss” and “donate” pile? Go through them once again and make a plan to get rid of these things. This is by far the most difficult step! You have to be honest with yourself. Ask these questions:

  • Have I worn this in the last 12 months?
  • Does it fit properly?
  • Do I really need 12 black t-shirts?

This will really allow the emotional attachment to be broken so you can free up much needed closet space! You can also make a little extra money by selling these items on eBay or through a group on Facebook. You can also give items to those in need. In the words of Queen Elsa, “let it go!”

Step 4: The Actual Closet

Yes, clean the closet itself. While you might think an empty closet is “clean”, now is the time to wipe down the closet walls and vacuum or mop the closet floor. Once items are removed, you will probably find stray clothing tags, store receipts or dust bunnies. If the walls need painting, choose a paint that is specifically formulated to be mold and mildew-resistant. This is also the perfect time to install a closet system that will ensure you stay organized this time!

Step 5: Putting “Stuff” Back In

Now it is time to put the things you decided to keep back into the closet. Create a system that best works for you. Some folks prefer to only have items in their closet that are wearable for the season, while others prefer everything they own in there. Baskets or clear boxes are a great way to manage undergarments, belts, scarves and other accessories. Shoes are easily organized with stackable boxes or a shoe bag hanging over a closet door. Whatever your organization style is, organize in a way you can find your most loved items.

Good luck and happy organizing!