Learn Everything You Need To Know About The Solar Eclipse From An 8-Year-Old Genius

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Everywhere you turn these days there is excitement for the solar eclipse. I can’t blame people either. A total solar eclipse is a once-in-a-generation event so unique that people take vacations and travel oversees to catch them. But with all the buzz about the solar event, a lot of us still don’t know exactly what it is. So who better to educate us that 8 year-old genius and Global Science Ambassador Romanieo Golphin, Jr?

Romanieo is a prodigy who studies particle physics and organic chemistry at a university level. Let that sink in for a moment. He should be in third grade. Despite his age, he knows exactly what is going on with this eclipse and why it is so important.

Why do you need glasses to view the eclipse? What will happen if I look straight at the eclipse? Why are they so rare? Who cares?

My man Romanieo has got you covered.

Check it: this is a scale model of the moon and Earth.

In this model, the sun would be almost two miles away. If the angle of the moon were to change as little as 5 degrees, we would not see the eclipse.

The best part of the interview was the kid’s brilliant deadpan responses to Jimmy’s jokes.

“Who would win in a fight between the sun and the moon?”


“Please don’t try this at home.”


This kid is going far.