7 Worst Talents to Ever Be on Television

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From 1979 to 1991 “Stairway to Stardom” aired on public access television in New York City. An NPR segment once described it as a “precursor to ‘American Idol‘.” If “American Idol” ever dreamed of taking over a dimly lit church basement and filming segments with fake trees as backdrops, then yes, that’s an accurate statement.

The show might’ve been one of the worst things to ever happen to TV, but it’s easily one of the best things to ever happen to the Internet.

7 Worst Talents to Ever Be on Television:

The Operator
Just watch.

I don’t think this woman made it up that stairway to stardom, but no doubt– she’s the life of every wedding, the fun aunt, and her kids hate when she breaks out the white wine and CD collection.

Fake Neil Diamond
You know what this needs? More cymbal. Just kidding– so much cymbal.

This guy is doing Hollywood superstars and some of our nation’s Presidents like Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon. When starts with the physical comedy it gets real bad.

Little Kid
Can you imagine letting your kid go on a TV show and sing this very adult song? Great voice, creepy camera work– it’s like one of those terrible mall portrait studios filmed his performance.


All The People
Can you imagine this production meeting?

Ok, gang, we’re going to let everyone sing “God Bless America,” but only two of you can have microphones. One of the microphones will be for the super loud guy who doesn’t need one. And please, really enunciate your words.

Very Small Child
Are we sure this was 1983? This is exactly what you’d find being uploaded to YouTube every 30 seconds today, right now.