Sterling K Brown Is Hosting SNL This Weekend And We Couldn’t Be Happier


Get ready, “This Is Us” fans, Sterling K Brown is hosting “Saturday Night Live” this weekend! The Golden Globe winner who also had a pivotal role in Marvel’s “Black Panther” will be showing off his comedic chops in a way we haven’t seen before. Sure, we know he can cry on command, but can he pull of live comedy?

Brown has taken over SNL’s Instagram feed to walk everyone through the crazy week before the live show. It all begins on Tuesday when the writers pitch their ideas to the host and producers. From what we can tell, Brown liked the ideas.

Then the cast and writers stay up all night writing sketches. The next day, production begins. Stages are built. Promos are shot. Rehearsals and re-writes commence. Basically, it’s just the beginning of a long week that ends at 1 AM eastern time. Sterling got to step on the stage at 8H for the first time and caught it all on camera.

He even directed his own low-budget version of the SNL intro, which, in my humble opinion, is much better than the standard promos. This is going to be a great show!