Never Ask Steve Harvey To Watch Your Kids

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Either Steve Harvey is the worst babysitter in the world or his kids are evil geniuses. Probably both. Either way, this story is one for the books. Steve doesn’t change diapers, which is a real male diva move. In short, that means when his granddaughter has a diaper accident which she tries to cover up and frame her baby brother for, Steve’s in trouble.

First of all, if you have kids or grandkids and say something stupid like, “I don’t do diapers”, it is not going to go well with you. You’re a part of this, bro, but you don’t do diapers?

So what does a non-diaper doer do when his granddaughter do a poo? Well, if you’re Steve, you ignore it.

Look, we love Stevie. He made “Family Feud” great again (MFFGA). And this story is hilarious, but the whole thing has us like: