Steven Tyler to Star In Upcoming Horror-Thriller “Happy Birthday”


It’s no secret that rock icon Steven Tyler is a talented man. I mean, throughout his career, he and his band Aerosmith have won over 30 awards (including four Grammys), he’s been a judge on “American Idol,” he’s donated countless dollars to charity and now, he’s trying out his acting chops.

Now, if you look at the 68-year-old’s IMDB page, you’ll notice that his list of movies credits is long — but they’re all cameos. So, for his starring role in the upcoming horror-thriller “Happy Birthday,” Steven will have the chance to transform into someone else for the very first time.

“Obviously I understand that when you see a guy like me or Keith Richards in a movie [like] ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ that some people might go, ‘Hey, isn’t that Steven Tyler?'” he explained to People. “But we worked on the character enough where I think it melds into the movie without sticking out too much.”