The ‘Stranger Things’ Cast Talking About Their Kissing Scene Is Both Cringeworthy And Hilarious


Junior high was not a good time for anyone. Everything was awkward. Everyone was uncomfortable, but we all got through it by acting like everything was totally cool and that we weren’t half as socially inept as we acted. The cast of “Stranger Things” is the same way. They sat down with their directors to discuss the infamous Snowball scene in season 2. It predictably gets uncomfortable when Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard start to talk about their kissing scene and get caught exaggerating the details of the scene.

**Spoilers ahead**

Finn is very determined to act like the scene was no big deal and that he was completely chill through the whole event. According to him, he was coaching Millie through the whole scene. But then those pesky adults came in and ruined everything. The writers and the episode’s director don’t let Finn get away with his embellishments. I both laughed and was immediately transported back to my freshman dance.