7 Questions Taylor Swift Asked Her Cat, That, In Turn, Made Us Ask Some Questions (Like, Is The Cat Okay?)


Thank goodness the Taylor Swift media blackout is over. And now that she’s back, her cats Olivia and Meredith are back, too.

Old Taylor recently shot a series of commercials for AT&T and upon releasing some outtakes from the day, we not only learned that Old Taylor is alive, but that she’s sticking the cat lady-awkward every woman vibe pretty firmly.

So much so, that she asks her cat Olivia a series of questions so intriguing, we had questions afterwards. And we answered them.

  1. Are you a saber-tooth tiger cub?
  2. Are you my baby wolverine?
  3. Are you the princess of Meow Town?
  4. Are you just a melting snowman?
  5. Are you just a sloth… ’cause you’re a unicorn kitty cat?
  6. Are you my magical pegasus?
  7. You want to write some songs?

1. It’s actually saber-toothed cat, right? Right
2. What’s a baby wolverine actually called? Kits.
3. Is Meow Town a real town? Yes!
4. Are any cats melting snowmen?
5. Is Olivia okay? This was intense.

Meow Town is in Augusta, Georgia! We should all go!