That DJ Finally Paid Taylor Swift $1, But In The Most Absurd Way Possible


Earlier this year, Taylor Swift’s sexual assault case against former Denver DJ David Mueller was finally settled. After Swift brought allegations against Mueller in 2013, Mueller sued her for $3 million. In turn, Swift countersued him for $1.

Mueller just paid Swift the $1 and he did it with a Sacagawea coin. He told the AP, “I mean if this is all about women’s rights…It’s a little poke at them, a little bit. I mean, I think they made this into a publicity stunt, and this is my life.”

Swift was on the cover of Time’s Person of the Year issue, as one of the silence breakers– the thousands of people across the world who have come forward with their experiences of sexual harassment and assault.

The fact that Mueller sent the coin as a way to “poke” at women gives reasons to believe women still have a long fight ahead.