Taylor Swift’s “End Game” Video is Like An Old-School Rap Video, But Not

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The word of the day for Taylor Swift and her new “End Game” video featuring Future and Ed Sheeran is opulence. And God Bless her, she’s still not a dancer, though this video calls for a number of dance breaks.

Set in Miami, London and Tokyo, Swift’s big reputation (big reputation), has her globetrotting with pals Sheeran and Future. The underlying theme here could also be transportation, as Swift spends time on a yacht, G5, motorcycle and a Double Decker bus in London. Swift also takes a number of shots in the video.


The big question before the video was released was if Katy Perry was dancing with Swift on the yacht in Miami. She is not. In fact, the Perry lookalike can barely be seen.

Even though Perry isn’t in it a number of Swift Easter eggs are present– several No. 13s, a shoutout to her mom’s birth year (’58), snakes, necklace with the letter J for boyfriend Joe Alwyn, and a shout out to her cats Olivia and Meredith.