Taylor Swift Didn’t Have Her Annual 4th of July Party and the Internet is Confused and Upset


Yesterday, while celebrating this great nation’s independence I took a break from my festivities several times to check Taylor Swift’s Instagram. This is not something I normally do because Instagram knows to put those photos into my feed. I follow Taylor– that’s how Instagram works. But, yesterday, there were no Taylor photos in my feed. And each time I went to her page I was greeted by this screenshot of Haim.

From May 3.


May 3, in Instagram days, was a very, very long time ago. If I’m to believe Taylor’s caption for the screenshot, she’s just sitting somewhere listening to this Haim song. On. Repeat. Til. The. End. Of. Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is this an issue? Why did I check Taylor’s ‘Gram so many times yesterday? Because other than John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, Taylor Swift is the most iconic 4th of July hero this nation has. And she didn’t celebrate it.

Was this a North Korea thing? Is freedom gone? Is she mad at Lorde? Calvin?

The past few years, Taylor has thrown epic parties to celebrate freedom– celebrities, water slides, professional photographers, matching swim suits– all of it. She throws a better Independence Day party than the Tea Party.

One year, her BFF Ed Sheeran showed up in a red coat and she let him party, but I don’t think she let him on any of the pool toys.



If Taylor isn’t hosting her annual bash, does that mean she’s somewhere in a recording studio? Is she canceled or just the party? Is Taylor ever going to return to us?

The Internet needs to know. I need to know.