Taylor Swift Was An Actual Superstar During Her “Saturday Night Live” Performances

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For the first time since 2009, Taylor Swift returned to “Saturday Night Live,” which was also her first public appearance or performance since announcing reputation, her sixth studio album.

So, what’s so different this time around? Taylor has finally taken on the role of pop superstar in her mind and not this aww-shucks I’m kind of famous and awkward persona.

Taylor’s first performance of the evening was “…Ready For It?” the second single off the LP and featured dance moves that she could execute. Also, there was a snake microphone, because she’s owning it.

Taylor’s second performance, “Call It What You Want” was a nod to Old Taylor (still not dead) and featured her former signature black acoustic guitar, but also a Gucci sweater with a red and white snake logo on it. Less dance moves and low-key performances still suit New Taylor.