5 Old-School Taylor Swift Collab Performances That We Still Giggle About

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Taylor Swift may not have invented the surprise guest during every tour stop gig, but she sure has perfected it. If you’re attending one of Taylor’s shows, you know someone is going to show up, you just don’t know who or why. Sometimes, she finds the hometown hero and brings them out or sometimes, she just finds someone she really likes and wants to perform with.

The best thing about most of Taylor’s surprise guests is that Taylor is just as excited as her fans to sing along with the guest. The second best thing is that she always throws in some choreography to go with the song. It’s that choreography that really gets me.

5 Old-School Taylor Swift Collab Performances That We Still Giggle About:

1. Nicki Minaj // “Super Bass”
Honestly, Taylor singing “Super Bass” alone would’ve been pretty amazing, but she wouldn’t have been able to dance if she was by herself. That rap part isn’t easy– took me at least 45 spins in a row to get it down.

2. Jennifer Lopez // “Jenny From the Block”
This is hands-down my all-time favorite. You know Taylor worked so hard on these dance moves. Then, there’s J. Lo’s outfit. It’s one big, beautiful Internet dream– especially at the 4-minute mark when they scream, “jump! Jump!” and then the dance break. Oh, the dance break.

3. Usher // “Yeah”
Oh my gosh, when she busts out, “peace up, A-town down” my heart stops. Then, she just dances next to Usher for a solid 75 seconds.

4. Rascal Flatts // “What Hurts The Most”
Taylor really makes this one pretty sensual, which is just kind of funny.

5. Carly Simon // “You’re So Vain”
In a way, this one is pretty amazing because Taylor got famous writing songs about famously vain people. Carly’s outfit is pretty legendary too.