Want To See Taylor Swift Live? Get Out Your Wallet And Clear Your Schedule

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New music from an artist typically means a new tour is on the way. But when a mega-star like Taylor Swift announces a tour, scalpers slither out of the woodwork and scoop up all the tickets which they quickly resell at insane markups. That leaves many fans either using their rent money to see their favorite artist or at home. Taylor is trying to change that by creating a digital line that weeds out scalpers from real fans. Sounds good, right? The catch is that you will have an added laundry list of tasks you must complete and merch you will have to buy before you are able to buy a ticket.

Taylor Swift has partnered with Ticketmaster Verified Fan to keep the scalpers out. This video, which is posted to the “Events” page of her website, explains the system.

1. Make an account

2. Go to the Taylor Swift Tix Portal

3. Choose your city

4. Move up in the digital line by buying merchandise, watching her videos, and buying the album

5. Do the anxious quick-clicking ticket purchasing routine and try to buy a ticket as fast as possible (with no guarantee that you will) like normal.

Of course, scalpers can do all of these things as well and you will still be fighting against every other fan for tickets when the sale starts. If you want to see her live, we suggest you plan ahead and get ready to spend some money to boost your spot in line.