Taylor Swift To Be Real-Life (Fairy) Godmother


It’s no secret that Taylor Swift is everyone’s friend. In a lot of cases, she’s everyone’s best friend. She has some really famous friends like Gracie Gold, Selena Gomez and Karlie Kloss, but in a somewhat rare move these days, she is also still really close with her childhood pals (she usually takes them to award shows).

So close in fact that she’s been asked to be one’s maid of honor. Can you imagine?

Bridesmaids typically have one role– don’t show-up the bride and now Taylor Swift, the world’s “it” girl, has to find a way to be a normal MOH for the weekend and keep the bride’s mother in line.



Before we forget just how “normal” ole T. Swift is, one friend just asked her to be her child’s godmother. I hope that this child has no actual aunts because they don’t have a chance at competing with Taylor for coolest aunt or most generous. That baby is about to have an actual, real-life fairy godmother.

As an aunt, I shudder at the thought of competing with anyone for my nephew’s attention. Taylor Swift just has to show to one birthday part in all of the child’s life and that kid wins everything. Forever.

Can you imagine going through middle school with cool aunt Taylor around to write songs about mean boys and bratty girls?

To all the other bridesmaids and aunts out there– throw in the towel. Taylor’s got this.

Image Source: Disney Wikia, PR Photos