Why We Think the Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Photo Was Staged


It has to be hard being the most famous person in the world.

I mean, even people like me (a very normal, non-famous person) analyze every Instagram, every tweet, every Facebook post and everything in between.

So, I can’t even imagine what it’s like to do that as a celebrity — especially when people are taking and posting and selling pictures of you, like, all the time.

For celebrities, there’s no privacy and nothing is sacred when it comes to the money a paparazzi can make on their photo — or even a picture someone can capture on their iPhone.

And this is the intense spotlight that the actual most famous person in the world, Taylor Swift, lives under every single day.

So, when I saw this photo of Tom Hiddleston and her making out on a rock in Rhode Island, I was shocked. Not because she had moved on so quickly, but because– what!

But then, something about this supposed candid paparazzi-captured photo captured by UK’s The Sun seemed a little off to me — it seemed a little too convenient.

Mainly because there aren’t a lot of photos like this (super intimate) out there and Taylor has been around for quite some time now.

Ever since the release of Red and her graceful transition into the world of pop music and true big-time celebrity status, with the release of 1989, Taylor has slowly, but with much thought, been reinventing herself. But, she hasn’t shed her good-girl image, she has simply tried to get people to see her as a grown-up and not a teeny-boppin’ country music star.

With much success, she’s turned herself into a sex symbol, without losing any of her character qualities that make her who she is.


Taylor’s most recent transition into straight-up starlet came at the hands of Anna Wintour and Vogue, but she’s still 100-percent workin’ it.

And, even with white-blonde-platinum hair, she’s still posting thoughtful birthday messages to her friends and spending nights grilling in her mom’s backyard — Taylor’s image is still her image and she’s still in control of it.


So, what about that photo of her kissing Tom Hiddleston? Was it staged? Perhaps. Perhaps the whole “waiting on Taylor’s breakup from Calvin Harris album” comments were threatening to send her back to those Joe Jonas days. And she’s long past those days.

Maybe she decided to get caught. Maybe she wanted people to see she’s moved on and she’s not that girl who writes breakup albums, but she’s that girl who writes about her life and sometimes, life happens and breakups happen.


Why get caught? Because Taylor Swift runs this game.

Or maybe she really was in Rhode Island kissing Tom Hiddleston and she got caught and now it’s out there. There are far worse people to be photographed with — kissing or not.