Taylor Swift’s New Hobby and Other Tweets You Missed

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One of the coolest things about the internet (besides having the entire world at your fingertips) is its ability to connect people with one another. We can see our grandmother a million miles away, keep up with our high school english teacher’s daughter AND see what Taylor Swift is now doing in her spare time. It’s something I haven’t done since pre-school. Here are some of the tweets you missed this week!

Yep, Taylor is into watercolors. I’m guessing this would sell for an absurd amount of money somewhere. Actually, I’d buy it. 


So, Thomas Rhett skis a little differently than most of us, I guess? This has to be a little bit chilly. 

thomas rhett skiing

My brother had Legos growing up, I didn’t see the movie, so I don’t get the joke. 


This tweet is how I know I like this Danielle Bradbery kid. 


Charlie Daniels is full of surprises– one being, Luke Bryan. 


I feel like I really know Brett after this. 



Image source: Janet Mayer/PR Photos, Twitter


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