Taylor Swift’s New Song is Agonizingly Good

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When Taylor Swift said her new album was pop, I’m not sure anyone expected her to completely ditch the guitar and go full-tilt on the synthesizers and echoing vocals that could easily be featured in the middle of an ’80s movie. The lyrics are some of her most-attention grabbing. A lot like “All Too Well,” (lyrically) this one chronicles her breakup with Harry Styles– a dance party, a hospital visit and a few things in between.

So, here we have classic Swift lyrics, a classic Swift thing and completely new and revitalized sound coming from the speakers. She’s still the same vulnerably catchy lyricist she’s always been.

Click to play (below).

Via Tumblr.

Swift had help writing this one from Fun.’s Jack Antonoff, who’s also doing frontman work with the band, Bleachers.

The entire 1989 experience (I think that’s what we’re calling it from now on) drops on October 28.

Image Source: Instagram/@taylorswift