#TeamAdam Looks Unbeatable After Big Elimination Night on “The Voice”

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It’s crunch time on “The Voice and #TeamAdam and #TeamGwen felt the pressure during the first live playoffs. This is where we really start to see separation between the teams and find out who the real contenders will be. I’ll be shocked if the winner isn’t from #TeamAdam.

They’ve got range, raw talent, and are the best equipped to hit the ground running with a career. Jesse Larson has musical chops and the man can sing. The fun and ease with which Larson performs is impressive. I don’t think many fans realize how hard it is to settle into songs like this. The Dude’s a pro.

Adam has said he thinks Isaiah is best equipped to immediately start a pop career. While I think he still has a lot of room to grow, the guy’s magnetism and showmanship is undeniable. He could sing all the wrong notes and teenage girls would still fawn over him. The thing is, he doesn’t hit the wrong notes and he holds the crowd in the palm of his hand. It’s impressive for such a young contestant.

Then, there’s Lilli Passero who plays it cool, sits in the pocket, and knows exactly how to build up to a powerful finish. His talent is apparent when you compare her to Team Gwen’s contestants, who start strong and can’t build. They look flat compared to Passero who starts small, despite the adrenaline of performing live, and picks her moments.

While most of the teams are still trying to figure out who they are and what they do well, #TeamAdam is hitting their sweet spot. It will be hard to bet against them, even with the strong field of contestants left. Besides, if #TeamAdam wins it will create some great banter with Blake Shelton. Who doesn’t love that?