A Texas Chick-Fil-A Answers The Call And Delivers To Hungry Soldiers In Iraq


I have never served in the military but I can imagine that military rations are nothing to write home about. U.S. Army 1st Lt. Jessie Guajardo would say the chicken is downright inedible. But he, like all military men, saw an opportunity where others saw a problem and found a way to lift the spirits of his comrades and the quality of their food.

I’ll let him tell the story:

“Hello fellow Flower Mounders. I’ve never posted on here, but I wanted to post and publicly thank Mr. Driscoll and his staff at Chick-fil-A Founders Square (2499 & 3040). I am currently deployed in Iraq where the food can become unappetizing very quickly. While eating overcooked and bland chicken tenders one Sunday night (ironic, huh?), a couple of fellow Soldiers and I were thinking of how we could make the chicken more edible. Ordering bottles of sauce is mostly out of the question because of refrigeration after opening, etc…. It was then that we thought of Chick-Fil-A individually packaged sauces. I took a shot in the dark and sent a Facebook message to the Chick-Fil-A Facebook page with a request. Fast forward 2 weeks later to today (chicken tender day again), and I saw that I had some mail. We had 2 entire cases of sauces sent to us! After I brought the cases into a common area, everyone was ecstatic to see the appetizing sauces. I can’t thank Chick-Fil-A enough for this seemingly small gesture that single handedly picked up the spirits of so many people. Thank you Chick-Fil-A!”

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, folks, and you never know when your faith in humanity will be upheld.