That Time Carrie Underwood Changed Clothes 30 Times in Less Than 4 Minutes

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We’ve all seen Carrie Underwood change clothes multiple times when she hosts award shows, but have you seen the thirty changes she makes in the video “All American Girl?” We know the song is a little older, but when we posted all of Taylor Swift’s changes in her newest video for “Blank Space” several of you reminded us that Carrie was actually the first to do this. And she did it well!

Check out the outfit changes below:

All-American Artist

All-American Fire Fighter

All-American Doctor

All-American Chef

All-American Beauty Queen

All-American Olympic Swimmer

All-American Nurse

All-American Cowgirl

All-American Waitress 

All-American Police Officer

All-American Fashion Photographer

All-American Bride

All-American Carrie

All-American Football Player

All-American Military Personnel 

All-American Flight Attendant 

All-American Cheerleader

All-American News Reporter

All-American Teacher

All-American Graduate

All-American Fashion Designer

All-American Ballerina

All-American College Student

All-American Welder

All-American Wife & Mom

All-American President

All-American Veterinarian 

All-American Astronaut

All-American Mechanic 

All-American Chemist