13 Kind of Funny Tweets About “The Bachelorette” and #MenTellAll

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During a normal season of “The Bachelor/ette,” the episode before the finale is the most over-hyped, recap of a dumpster fire, town hall debate (Wo)Men Tell All. This season was a dumpster fire, but in the good way. DeMario Jackson was there and he stood up a lot. Kenny and Josiah went all-in on Lee’s racism. And everyone Whaboomed Whaboom. Also, people are truly obsessed with Dean.

This Men Tell All was actually worth watching. It wasn’t 2 hours worth, but still worth it.

If you’re wondering, no, there was no mention of Copper the Dog.

13 Kind of Funny Tweets About “The Bachelorette” and #MenTellAll:

1. If only.

2. Same.

3. LOL. Good one, ABC.

4. Ice cold.

5. DeMario is not self-aware.

6. Fair question.

7. People really love Dean.

8. Even the contestants’ moms.

9. Is this true, ABC?

10. Oops.

11. Just there to look good.

12. They definitely went to the same JC Penney.

13. Sure, the chair, but– is he really a doctor?!