The Band Perry Announces Backstage Experience for Fan Club

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They say membership has its privileges and that fact proves true for members of The Band Perry Fan Club. This is the 2nd year The Band Perry has hosted a Fan Club Party for members with this year being additionally fun. Included in the party is a special performance by none other than The Band Perry with a meet and greet afterwards. The “experience” is a backstage tour of the We Are Pioneers tour set. Also announced was a new name for the fan club: The Fans Perry. The party is set to take place on Thursday, June 5, 2014 at the Music City Center in Nashville, TN.

It seems fans love these parties as it is already sold out! The theme last year was a red carpet experience and fans loved it. Neil explains, “Kinda the theme of the party was the fans, the country fans are the rock stars, they are stars. So we had a red carpet laid out in the room and they walked the red carpet and we had people walking up to them asking for their autographs.” Everyone had a great time!

You can catch the video for “Done” from their We Are Pioneers Tour going on now through October 5, 2014:

Photo Credit: A. Gilbert / PR Photos