The Best Episode of “Nashville” Ever (Ever)

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The most recent “Nashville” episode was one for the ages– the CMA New Artist of the Year shot someone, Kacey Musgraves skipped a baby shower, Juliette threw a giraffe, Deacon’s secret is finally out, Gunnar and Scarlett sang a duet, Luke was kind and considerate, there was no Jeff or Layla, and there was a birth. It was an hour (or 43 minutes) of pure (and excellent) entertainment.

On top of all of that, it was finally said out loud: Rayna James (Connie Britton) has perfect hair. Absolutely perfect hair.

And then, this quote.


What’s next for Gunnar and Scarlett? Personally, I think Gunnar needs to get it together and let Scarlett do her thing. Sure, that doctor is super cheesy, but he’s a doctor and he’s Deacon doctor, so things could get awkward if she ditches him this quickly.

From what I can tell, Sadie Stone is really gone. Which begs the question, what does a CMA New Artist of the Year do if they kill a man before they even release a sophomore album? Does she have an education? Will Rayna release any of her recordings as singles? She does own the masters, after all. More importantly, will Luke chase after her?

Let’s just forget about Teddy and his call-girl drama. Hopefully, he’ll get impeached or something soon.

On the next episode, the world’s biggest pop star meets Luke Wheeler. It’s like if George Strait produced a Katy Perry album. Should be gold.

Image Source: ABC/Disney Press, Twitter