The First Time We Met Kelly Clarkson


Right now, Kelly Clarkson has three GRAMMY award wins and has sold 25 million albums and 36 million singles worldwide. Almost every single she has released has charted and she seems to be everyone’s best friend from Reba McEntire to Garth Brooks to Blake Shelton and everyone in between. Her vocal range is un-categorical and she even performed at Barack Obama’s second Inauguration. She is original “American Idol.”

Before all the success Clarkson was a small-town Texas girl with a dream, hoping that singing would lead her to a college scholarship. Turns out, she didn’t even need it.

Remember this Kelly Clarkson? She wowed the judges with a Madonna song and even played one for a few minutes. She said she wanted to be a fashion designer if singing didn’t work out and said awkward stuff like, “cool beans.”

She’s only gotten better.

Recently, Clarkson revealed she’s been working on a new album and that if could have some twang in it.

“There’s all different kinds of genres on there,” Clarkson said. “I’m obviously affected by the community I live in. So there’s a little bit of everything.”

Twang or not, I’m sure we’ll love it.

Image Source: PR Photos, YouTube