The Five Best Movies Starring Country Music Stars

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Many country music stars have taken a star turn in front of the Hollywood movie lens, and why not? If you looked like one of these country music stars, wouldn’t you take a shot at the big screen? Here are five of the best movies starring country music stars!

The Blind Side

Who can forget Tim McGraw’s star turn as Sandra Bullock’s husband Sean Tuohy in “The Blind Side” in 2009? Tim stole all his scenes with his rugged handsome looks and all-American style. Heck, he almost made us believe he could be that traditional family guy, sitting around the table with a preppy shirt and no black cowboy hat. Almost. Though he didn’t receive an Oscar nomination, we were transfixed by his on-screen transformation.


Pretty redhead Reba McEntire has been all over the silver screen and our living room screen with a parade of supporting roles and one self-named TV series. Our favorite is the funny-scary movie she made in 1990 with Kevin Bacon, called “Tremors,” which became a cult classic. That was in part due to Reba’s spot on portrayal of Heather Gummer as the town’s self-appointed gun-toting protector against the deadly underground creatures that are destroying the town’s inhabitants, one by one.

Nine to Five

Dolly Parton can’t be missed in her most well-known role as Miss Doralee Rhodes in “Nine to Five.” As Dabney Coleman’s put-upon secretary who has unfairly garnered the ire of her colleagues, Dolly delights us with her innocence and wiles. While everyone else in the office assumes she is paying her dues in private with her boss, she’s actually trying to walk a thin line in order to keep her job. With a Dolly Parton original as the movie’s title song, this one is a winner in our book.

Pure Country

As disenchanted country music star Dusty Wyatt Chandler in “Pure Country,” real life country music legend George Strait played it close to his heart. Lucky for all of us, he got lots of chances to stretch his vocal cords in the movie, even if his acting chops didn’t get much of a tough workout. Also, we can’t complain about all the camera close-ups we got to enjoy.

Thaddeus Rose and Eddie

Finally, one of our all-time movie favorites starring a country singer is “Thaddeus Rose and Eddie,” starring Johnny Cash and his wife, June Carter Cash. We don’t care that this was a relatively low-budget television movie. We only care that with the making of this movie, a rare opportunity was borne to see the king and queen of country together on-screen in our living rooms. Johnny Cash played Thaddeus Rose, a good ol’ boy from Texas. Johnny had lots of movie roles here and there during his career, but none so wonderful as the one he shared with his wife.

Image Source: YouTube, Wikimedia

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