The Roots Reenact Corrine and Taylor’s Confrontation from “The Bachelor” Including the Epic ‘Whip Cream and Lies’ Line

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Just when you thought “The Bachelor” couldn’t get any better (or worse), arch-enemies Corinne and Taylor were forced to go on a 2-on-1 date.

Of course, Nick left the ladies alone for a few minutes and one of the greatest showdowns in television history unfolded before our primetime viewing eyes.

First, the two battled it out over who lied, who called who stupid and who bullied who.

The juvenile conversation was everything women everywhere want to watch on Monday nights, “You told me you wouldn’t be my friend because I’m not intelligent enough for you,” Corinne told Taylor.

From there, they argued about each other’s occupations before one of the greatest lines in “The Bachelor” history came to be, “your relationship is going to be built off of like, whipped cream and lies.”

Of course, “The Tonight Show” and the Roots got in on the action and reenacted the now famous scene too.

There’s just something about grown men saying things that really get you.