The Roots Reenact The Insanity of “Waboom” Guy from “The Bachelorette”

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I have only seen one season of “The Bachelor,” which, in my opinion, is enough. I both hated the show and looked forward to watching it the next week, if only to yell at Ben Higgins for telling two women he loved them. I mean, c’mon dude, you broke the prime directive!

I have not nor will subject myself to “The Bachelorette.” The last thing I need is to watch thirty bros strut around like peacocks trying to outshine one another. I saw enough of that in high school. But man, that drama is so good. I can feel it drawing me back in.

Thank the Lord for The Roots! They are the nicotine patch to my Bachelor addiction, giving me enough absurd drama to entertain me, but not enough info to draw me back in. Last night, they reenacted a scene from “The Bachelorette” of Whaboom Guy, one of the most ridiculous sober contestants to ever be introduced by Chris Harrison.

Whaboom. That is all I need to know about this season. He is the personification of this show.

“Oh, you think I’m gone? Give me that guitar. You guys like Wonderwall?”

“Hey, it looks like you forgot me. On a scale of 8-11, how loud would you like me to yell at you?”

Nope. Bye.