Jimmy Fallon’s “The Typical Beef Cheese” Is Pure Comedy And Proves Talking Is Outdated

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Despicable Me 3” is a mouthful. It’s just a bunch of syllables smashed together that people know to mean “Minions! Gru! Fluffy!” Even if a person were to say random words that vaguely rhymed with “Despicable Me 3”, like “Typical Beef Tree” or “The Pickle Will Eat Me”, people would not notice the difference. Seriously, they don’t.

One of “The Tonight Show” writers proved this with phrases like:

  • Political Brie Cheese
  • A Sink Filled With Free Wheat
  • The D-Backs Will Three-Peat
  • An Imbecile Feeds Me
  • Beyonce and Jay-Z

No one even batted an eye. They just responded like, “Um, yeah, we love Minions and unicorns are so fluffy we could die. Haha!”

“Have you guys seen the trailer for ‘Just Whistle For Free Beans’?”

“Yes, we have seen the trailer.”

Why do we even speak anymore? If you have an answer text me on Instagram for a Snapchat mention.

To the writers:

To America: