New Rule on “The Voice” Will Allow Coaches to Block Other Coaches From Getting An Artist


You know what they say– all is fair in love and reality TV singing competitions.

Or something like that.

When “The Voice” returns on February 26, original “American Idol” winner Kelly Clarkson won’t be the only cool, new thing on set– the coaches will have new chairs and those chairs will have a few very special features.

First, the chairs have “hand-sculpted aluminum shells, metallic automobile-paint finishes, 1,400 individual LED modules with 16 million color options,” and now they are coming equipped with a new “block” button. That’s right– during the Blind Auditions, the coaches will have the option to push a button and block another coach from getting an artist.

Carson Daly explained how it’s going to work. Basically, a coach can hit the block button, which will also turn the coach’s chair who hit the block button. And the real twist? The blocked coach won’t know it until they turn around.