The Voice: Episode 1

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Our highs and lows (and WHATS) of “The Voice” episodes. 

“The Voice” is back and within seconds of the first contestant singing, “Wrecking Ball” three of the four judges had turned around in their chairs. And just like that, we’re back with the blind auditions.

What’s great about “The Voice” is that we get to start with talented people, we don’t have to wade through the wannabe comedians and the people who just want to be on television. Most of these people are much more than just decent karaoke singers.

Also, “The Voice” brings us judges that have experience and real success as musical artists. This show is not your typical talent show.

Let’s meet the judges.

  • Adam Levine: Maroon 5 frontman and People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2013.
  • Shakira: Solo artist and the best hip shaker pop music has ever seen.
  • Usher: Singer, dancer, producer. He’s a rap star and a pop star. He’s acted in a few films and he dresses very well.
  • Blake Shelton: This man needs no introduction. Country music’s most entertaining man, married to everyone’s favorite, Miranda Lambert.

We’re in for a lot of highs this season, let’s recap.


Christina Grimmie // Wrecking Ball: Apparently, this chick is a YouTube sensation. I can’t confirm or deny this, but I can confirm that she sang the crap out of Miley’s hit song. She left her foam finger at home and that was a big high for me.

Turned chairs:4

Coach choice: Adam

Biff Gore // A Change is Gonna Come: This guy killed it before he even hit the stage. He showed us a high kick that we don’t see a lot of 45-year-old fathers of five (almost six). We just want him to take the stage at this point. Adam turned around before he finished the first line of lyrics. He finishes the number with an even higher kick than before.

Turned chairs: 4

Coach choice: Usher

Jake Worthington // Don’t Close Your Eyes: This guy auditioned last year and didn’t make it. I know these are blind auditions, but I would’ve picked him for his belt buckle alone.  His Twitter bio says something about “showing hogs,” so I’m pretty in. He wins.

Turned chairs: 3

Coach choice: Blake

Bria Kelly // Steamroller Blues: Bria is no stranger to the stage. She’s 17 and has already opened for Miranda Lambert. Do we even need to hear her sing knowing that? Blake didn’t. He turned his chair before she finished her first note. All four judges were fawning over Bria. I like her because she had a little spunk and personality.

Turned chairs: 4

Coach choice: Usher


Tanner Linford // Stay: The young 16-year-old brought his entire extended family with him for the blind auditions (always a bold move). I didn’t like his song choice. Mainly, I don’t want a 16-year-old boy singing Rihanna to me. The judges were nice to him.

Leo Gallo // Blurred Lines: I was pretty intrigued by this guy’s back story. I mean, he was in a boy band. And he said something about Japan or something. I googled him and his bio says he was raised on “a diet of pop/soul music and dancing.” Sounds malnourished to me. He’s a really good dancer, but I wouldn’t pick anyone to be on my team if they sang “Blurred Lines” either.

Overall, this was a pretty solid episode, mostly highs and the only lows really being song choice for most of the contestants. 

What did you think? Who did we miss? Do you know anybody trying out? We want to hear from you.

Image Source: Trae Patton/NBC, YouTube