The Voice: Episode 2

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Our highs and lows (and WHATS) of “The Voice” episodes. 

Night two of “The Voice” looks to be as promising as night one! This episode was a shorter one, so not as many highs or lows. To be honest, it’s pretty difficult to find lows on this show.

For those of you keeping score, heading into night two, these are the team numbers:

Usher: 3 artists

Shakira: 2 artists

Blake: 1 artist

Adam: 1 duo

The coaches do a great job of convincing me that they are actually friends. The chemistry between the four of them is so believable, that I think they may actually like each other on some level. We could watch this season just to watch all of the interaction. Actually, that’s a million dollar idea. Write it down.


Delvin Choice // A Song for You: This guy is returning for a second try. His hair was high. I didn’t mind his performance. What I really loved about this guy was the judges’ fighting over him. At one point someone called Shakira a liar and she proclaimed, “These hips don’t lie!”

Chairs turned: 4

Coach choice: Adam

Cary Laine // Better Dig Two: The first high of this performance was Cary’s young son, Cameron. He lives way out in the middle of nowhere Wyoming and wants “more products and stores and stuff.” Get this guy to a Whole Foods, stat! Cary got Adam to turn around pretty quickly, followed by Blake and Shakira. Eventually, Usher also turned around. Everyone fought over Cary, so much so that they let her sit in each of judges’ chairs.

Chairs turned: 4

Coach choice: Adam


Keith Shuskie // Somewhere Only We Know:  This was a low because his pants were really tight AND because I can’t figure out why the coaches turn around for one artist over another. I wonder if Keith followed a girl, if the coaches would’ve turned around?

Other Highs

Cary’s Boots: Usher asked her if he could buy her tennis shoes, but the obvious answer to everyone there was a resounding, “no way.” We couldn’t agree more. Cary needs to stick with these boots for the rest of the season.


Image Sources: Tyler Golden/NBC, YouTube

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