The Voice Recap: Episode 10

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This is Country Outfitter Style’s weekly recap of  ”The Voice.” We’re covering it all season! 

It feels like we’ve been watching the battle rounds for at least 2 years, but tonight is the final round of battles. Carson reminds us that in the end, only ONE can win and be named THE VOICE.


Cary vs. Sam: This is an interesting match-up because they are so different. We are a little partial to Cary because she has some pretty awesome boots. Adam has chosen “Give Me Love” for them to sing. Aloe told Sam to quit yodeling, she called it her quirk and then Adam liked her self-awareness.

cary laine the voice

Doesn’t it feel like Adam has been wearing that sweater since Christmas?

I guess I’m not with it anymore, because I’ve never really heard this song, so I don’t know how it’s supposed to sound. That being said, it seems like they are singing it pretty well! At one point the entire audience stood up to communicate that to all of us, I guess. Much to our dismay, Adam chose Sam, even though everything was “totally equal.”


Kaleigh vs. Noah: Kaleigh is ready to leave the duo with her father and strike out on her own! Noah just wants to make his grandpa proud. I know there are three members in The Band Perry, but there’s so much Starbucks on that piano during rehearsals. It’s a lot of coffee.

Blake has chosen “Everything” for the two to sing, which seems unfair since Noah is super into Michael Buble. But, not really because Blake told him to “dial it back, to about 8.” If someone needs to dial it down to an 8, I would assume they were at like, 27 to start with.

For the performance it seems like Noah has dialed it back. He did not dial back his dancing though! For that, I am most thankful. Imagine your favorite dad move being performed by a cute guy in a suit in front of millions of people. Adorbs! No one really blew me away, both were good. Usher didn’t dig Noah, Adam didn’t either. Blake likes they listened to his advice, but in the end Kaleigh listened to his advice the most and she won.


Cierra vs. Emily B.: We cannot forget that Cierra is from Alaska! She tells us that there’s really nowhere to pursue music in Alaska. I can imagine that. Seward’s Folly isn’t really a hotbed for musicians– minus Jewel.

Shakira has chosen “Brave” for the two singers. Emily B. knows what it’s like to be brave. Shakira tells her to control her volume, Miranda Lambert tells her to sing her own melody. Shakira agrees and tells the same thing to Cierra. Things get really real when Miranda tells the two to, “be brave!” It’s the most appropriate advice of the evening.

Going into this battle isn’t that intense, because we’re reminded more than once that Usher has a steal left.

This is a fun song and the performance is good, but it’s not nearly as good as Carole King and Sara Bareilles at the GRAMMYs this year. But, that’s expected. Adam didn’t think that either one of them were super awesome, but he would choose Cierra, Blake says he would give it to Emily. Usher, of course, says he would pick them both. Shakira goes with Emily.

Steal! To no one’s surprise, Usher steals Cierra, prolonging her trip back to Alaska a little longer.

So, that’s that! Next week, for the first time ever, we have battle rounds again. It’s new for this season, so it should be interesting. Not as interesting as that hat they showed Usher wearing though. So. I’m most looking forward to that. That and Chris Martin of Coldplay advising. That’s huge.

Image sources: Tyler Golden/NBC, YouTube


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