The Voice Recap: Episode 11

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This is Country Outfitter Style’s weekly recap of  ”The Voice.” We’re covering it all season! 

We are heading into night one of the new and improved and NEVER DONE BEFORE second round of battles. Blake says they are doing this to build the best team possible. Sure, that’s what you’ve been doing, Blake!

This time around, they don’t know their battle partners and they can pick their song. For a really fun twist– Chris Martin, of Coldplay, is the coach for everyone.


Audra vs. Megan: Blake shows them some highlights and then the two cuddle up on the couch together and debate what song to sing. They choose “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. Megan compared herself to Chris Martin because she’s a “rocker,” too. Coldplay is the French Literature of rock music.

Chris told them to “find their Mick Jagger.” This advice, to me, says that WE ALL HAVE A LITTLE MICK JAGGER IN US. I want all of us to find the Mick Jagger within us. This is information I wish someone would have imparted onto me long before now.

After what seems like the better part of the decade, it’s time for the battle. It was good, not great. Or maybe it was great. At times, it kind of sounded like Miley was singing. And here’s what people forget– Miley is really talented. The girl can sing. These two can sing, too. Blake picks Audra! She moves on to the playoffs.


Cierra vs. T.J.: Cierra calls this the “battle of the soul singers.” The two pick a ballad, because TJ has never done one. I guess this means TJ has never been on a road trip. The chosen song is “Get Here.” Never heard it but at point the lyrics are, “you can windsurf into my life.” I can’t imagine trying to windsurf anywhere, much less in a loving way to win someone’s heart.

I think we need to talk about Usher’s hat. I feel like his hat is taking attention away from his team members and other performers. I’m way too focused on his hat to care about anything going on elsewhere. I need Usher’s hat to get back to the side of the road from which it came.

usher hat the voice

Finally, it’s battle time. If T.J. has really never sang a ballad before, he fooled me! Usher’s hat chose T.J. There are many more ballads in his future.


Jake vs. Tess: Blake is calling this the “battle of second chances.” Doesn’t seem super encouraging, but hey. I’ve never sold an album in my life. After reliving some previous memories, we learn that they chose “Have a Little Faith in Me.” Chris immediately told them it sounded, “wonderful.” I’d never change anything if Chris Martin ever told me that I sounded wonderful.

The battle was really good. This song really suited both singers. Every coach gave them a standing ovation. Usher’s hat sees the growth in Tess. Blake didn’t think the decision would be “this tough” for him. He congratulates both singers and calls Jake “believable.” I have no idea what that means.

After a commercial break, Blake sticks with Jake. Probably a good move, this kid is super marketable, not to mention good. He’s like a teddy bear version of George Strait.

Steal! Adam, Shakira and Usher want to steal Tess. This is interesting because Usher already cut her once. After listening to really long speeches from everyone, Tess goes with Shakira. I like this choice. Good choice, girl.


Christina vs. Sam: These two freaked out over Chris Martin more than anyone. Christina called Chris Martin a genius and then let Adam down by choosing “Counting Stars” by One Republic. Disappoint might be a strong word, but I think he was definitely surprised.

Sam tells us right before the battle that she has to win, because “she has nothing to go back to.” This is scary and real, all at the same time. I hope it’s not true.

Immediately, we hear that Sam has put her own spin to this song. Her voice is very, very distinct. Quirky, in the best way. Christina is good, too. Adam thought so, too. Christina moves on to the playoffs.


Patrick vs. Josh: Josh tells us that he’s become friends with, and is a big fan of Patrick. The BFFs chose “Run to You” by Bryan Adams. Shakira thinks it’s a good choice. Patrick dances throughout the practice session, making him one of the first people to ever do a dance routine to Bryan Adams. Chris’ best advice to the BFFs was…mic stands. Yes, they need stands for their microphones. He called the stands “transforming.” I wonder what would happen if they tied a bandana or something around the stand. Maybe someday.

Josh ditches the mic stand pretty quickly during the performance and Patrick follows. Bold moves. The performances were good, but at times I felt like I was watching two friends do a really, really, really good karaoke performance. I’m no professional, but I’ve seen a lot of karaoke, so I can offer that up.

Shakira really likes them both, but she likes Patrick more. Patrick wins! I think it’s the hair.


Delvin vs. Josh:  Adam paired them because they are his “soul brothers.” You’ve never seen two brothers who look alike less, but they are both wearing cardigans. As is Adam. Cardigans can really take the edge off of a performance. I hope Chris tells them that.

We get to see the brothers debate the song choice, but Delvin kind of tricked Josh into singing “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” by Stevie Wonder. Adam is really excited about the song choice. He is also mad that he paired the two together because he likes them both so much.

Delvin suits all the way up for this performance– he has a vest AND a tie! I just figured out that Josh looks like exactly like Jack Osbourne, Ozzy’s son. Right?

This performance was good and both guys seemed to be having a lot of fun. This is kind of a funny song for two dudes to duet to, much less compete against each other. Think about it!

Blake really likes Delvin’s hair and clothes. Usher called the performance, “the performance of the day.” I don’t disagree. Shakira says she would choose Delvin. Adam doesn’t want to choose and said the performance was “flawless.” He calls them both potential winners, but picks Delvin.

Before Carson can even remind the judges that Josh is available to steal, Usher pushes the button. So. Steal! 


Image sources: YouTube, Trae Patton/NBC


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