The Voice Recap: Episode 13

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This is Country Outfitter Style’s weekly recap of  ”The Voice.” We’re covering it all season! 

According to the lower right hand corner of my television, it’s the #FinalBattles. Blake has one steal left. Just one.


Clarissa vs. Dani: Dani starts off by saying how strong they both are. Bold move, but whatever. Shakira would like them to choose between Pink!, Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson. So, she’s not putting them in a category at all. Ultimately, the girls go with “Perfect” by Pink. Shakira presents Chris Martin to the girls as some sort of stocking stuffer or something.

I can’t believe that animal hasn’t escaped from Usher’s head yet.

The performance is okay. I just felt like it was kind of scream-y. And I think that is the technical term for it. Clarissa has on earrings that don’t quit. Dani wins!


Dawn and Hawkes vs. Kat: Adam is already sad about this pairing, because he’s a really big fan of “both you guy,” which I think means he’s a fan of all three of them, but he might have just been talking to Dawn and Hawkes. Or maybe even Kat and Dawn. Or Hawkes and Kat.

Adam sends them away to select a song. Kat seems very perplexed by the song choices. They go with “Suddenly I See” by KT Tunstall. Adam tells Kat to tune down the attitude and to act “civil.” I’ve seen a lot of reality talent shows and I’ve never heard a judge tell someone to act civil. I’m very interested to see where she takes that advice.

I think (I really have no idea) she took the advice! Adam obviously agrees, because Kat wins!


Melissa vs. Music Box: My real question here is: is Music Box the name on her birth certificate? I don’t hate MJ’s hat, but you have to be the right person to pull that off. Mainly because it seems like it could be a very dangerous accessory.

When selecting a song, MJ is having a hard time because, “they are all on the radio,” but ultimately they select Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire.” I’m excited about this, because it’s a personal favorite of mine. That being said, I’m also scared they could do it all wrong! Chris Martin’s advice is interesting. I really like Chris Martin, but I don’t think he’s going to take off as a motivational speaker anytime soon.

The performance was pretty decent. It’s a hard song. Adam sang it at the GRAMMYs last year with Alicia Keys, so I was especially excited to hear his critiques. He didn’t say much other than, “I sang that with her once.”

After taking a little too long to choose, someone FINALLY made a joke about Usher’s hat in the form of, “What would the fox say?” The fox chose Melissa! Melissa wins.


Kaleigh vs. Ryan: Ryan is excited about being paired with Kaleigh. The three of them stand around watching the previous battle rounds like they are watching old home movies. It feels like there’s a lot of love in the room. Blake feels it, too.

If they don’t chose “Kiss From a Rose,” I might quit this recap right here. I’m just kidding. They choose “Easy” by Rascal Flatts. Blake is real excited because they chose a country song. I’m impressed with Ryan’s mobility considering he’s practicing with a two-ton chain on his wallet right now.

He brings the chain to the performance, too. I really hope he doesn’t get carried away and hit someone with that.

This was good! I think they were having fun together! It’s hard to believe the guy with all the tattoos and a huge chain wallet (I’m sorry, it’s just so big) is singing Rascal Flatts! He seems sweet and not edgy! Blake likes the chain, the sweetness and attitude and goes with Ryan. Ryan wins!


Jake vs. Brittnee: Ah, the battle of the good-looking people wearing leather! Adam tells us that he put these two together because they are both steals. This has the potential to be really good.

The song choices are VERY interesting. Only in reality TV heaven would they choose a song featuring Nikki Minaj, this is just not the time or the place for that, though I really wish it was. Against my gut, they choose “Climax” by Usher. Bold, bold choice for the good looking people!

Chris Martin advises Jake by basically just saying, “I sang with Rihanna once.” Yes, you did Chris.

I can’t tell if Usher is impressed or not, but I am. Usher goes on to say he feels bad to analyze the performance, so he really doesn’t. He kind of just talks about how hard the song is and how he did it to challenge himself and then he sang some of it and then he refused to say who sang it better. If anyone other than Usher did that it wouldn’t be cute. But, it works for him.

Adam has a really hard decision. He goes with Jake. Jake wins!


Madilyn vs. Bria: We are reminded several times that Blake still has a steal left and we know both of these girls are strong performers AND very marketable. Come on, The Voice, you can do better.

Immediately they rule out “Red” by Taylor Swift and I’m pretty sad. They go with “I’ll Stand By You.” Usher calls the song a “classic” and Chris Martin says he couldn’t have done this at 16. I can’t relate to him at all on that aspect, because I totally would’ve done this at 16. It would’ve been really, really bad, but I would’ve owned it.

The performance was really good, as expected. And kind of, as expected, Usher sticks with Bria. Bria wins!

But, Blake has a steal! Blake steal Madilyn!  

Image sources: NBC/Tyler Golden, YouTube

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