The Voice Recap: Episode 14

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We’ve made it to the playoffs. Each artist will choose their own song to “prove why they should move on.” If I’m understanding correctly, this is just another blind audition, that isn’t blind?


Audra: She has chosen “Broken Wing” by Martina McBride. It’s country, Blake’s country, he called her “sis” during rehearsals.  She basically nailed the performance and all of the coaches loved her. I really need her to get fired up next time, kind of like Adam said when he asked her to “unleash the beast of a performer in you.” I imagine at some point Blake will sing with her and then she’ll get her own tour bus or something.


Ryan: He has chosen “Second Chance” by Shinedown. Blake says the song is tough. During his performance he sang and he sang well. The dude has pipes, but will he move on? I have no idea. My gut tells me no. Usher compares Ryan to Adam, so maybe if Blake doesn’t pick him, he can at least get his own Proactiv commercial or something?

Madilyn: She has chosen “Clarity” by Zedd, which is like, a really, really interesting choice. The performance only got more interesting when the lights behind her went on some kind of acid trip. Also, I cannot imagine sweet Madilyn ever releasing an album of electronic dance music, so this song choice is getting weirder and weirder to me. Despite all of that, she can sing. Usher kind of commends her song choice, Shakira compliments her, but really– I think everyone was confused by her song choice.

Jake: Sweet, sweet Jake has chosen “Anywhere With You” by Jake Owen for his girlfriend because she is the only girl who has ever treated him “like a skinny guy.” Uh-oh, if this guy has comedic timing as well as everything else we know he has, this could be trouble. He’s going places.

He nails his performance, everyone loves him and calls him a star. However, I feel like he is a little young to be heading to West Virginia with his girlfriend.

Sisaundra: We are reminded that Sisaundra worked with Celine Dion for five major tours and then became a stay-at-home mom. That’s not a career path most people have. She has chosen “New York State of Mind,” and Blake likes it, but he doesn’t want her to over sing it. Whenever I see Blake coaching Sisaundra, I can’t help but imagine what it would be like if he was coaching Celine Dion. That is a show I would watch.

Of course, she nailed it and I think she even took his advice a little bit. Usher and Adam are still confused by how she ended up on Team Blake, so basically they just now caught up to the rest of us.


So, basically everyone on Blake’s team heads back to the stage and arrange themselves like some sort of reality talent competition police line-up.

Carson doesn’t mess around and makes Blake start picking artists immediately. His first choice, to no one’s surprise, is Sisaundra.

His second choice is Audra. So, at this point, the remaining contestants get to beg on stage for a chance to move on. I definitely understand this part of the show, but Blake knows he’s going to pick Jake, so I wish they would’ve skipped this part, because it’s kind of sad.

Blake toys with us for a quick second and mentions that he is experiencing a broken heart, but he’s still going to follow it and go with Jake.

Moving on for Team Blake: Jake, Sisaundra, Audra