The Voice Recap: Episode 4.

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Country Outfitter Style’s “The Voice” recap. For last week’s recaps, go here and here. For Monday night’s recap, click here. 

Note: Last week we tried recapping the “highs” and “lows” of each episode, but we’re going with a different routine this time around by just recapping each performance. 

For those of you keeping score, heading into night four, these are the team numbers:

Adam: 7

Usher: 7

Blake: 6

Shakira: 4

Megan Ruker // Just Like a Pill: A rocker, living in Nashville! It took this chick just about every note in her, but eventually Usher and Blake turned around. After asking who liked ’80s rock more, she decided to go with Blake. Because he likes ’80s rock more, I guess.

Chairs turned: 2

Coach choice: Blake

Morgan Wallen // Collide: We learn that Morgan got 3rd place in a singing competition at 8-years-old, but nothing came of that. His voice is very raspy. Shakira turns around well before anyone else, expecting to win Morgan over easily, but of course, nothing is that easy. After a weirdly dramatic commercial break, he chose Usher.

Chairs turned: 2

Coach choice: Usher

James Cavern // Let’s Get It On: What’s special about James? He’s a British-Vietnamese guy singing Marvin Gaye and he dresses like a Newsie. This has special written all over it. Not special enough, no chair turns for James.

Emily B. // Wicked Game: She’s a session singer, which seems like a cool job. Especially after she name-dropped the Muppets. How many people can do that? This girl and like, Lady Gaga or something. Shakira is the first to turn, but it doesn’t take much longer for the rest to follow along. Adam is the only coach who isn’t interested. She goes with Shakira. I think this is Shakira’s first big win of the season.

Chairs turned: 3

Coach choice: Shakira

Stevie Jo Rosenbaum // There Goes My Baby: Both of Stevie Jo’s parents were in metal bands when he was growing up. Both of them. He used to be in a metal band, but now he leans towards R&B. He is the boldest contestant we have so far, as he’s singing an Usher song. It takes about half the song and one certain note, but Usher finally turns around. The other coaches don’t turn about, because Usher. All of the coaches are astonished that Stevie Jo is white.

Chairs turned: 1

Coach choice: Usher

Audra McLaughlin // Angel From Montgomery: Adam turns around quickly and to his demise, Blake follows along. And of course, Audra eventually wows all of the coaches into turning around. Adams calls her “beautiful,” but everyone else wants her to be known for her voice. Then, everyone calls Blake a drunk, but she goes with him anyway.

Chairs turned: 4

Coach choice: Blake

With that, we’re halfway through the blind auditions and on our way.

Image sources: YouTube, Tyler Golden/NBC