The Voice Recap: Episode 7

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This is Country Outfitter Style’s weekly recap of  “The Voice.” We’re covering it all season! 

Finally. The Battle Rounds begin.

The coaches finally get to do some coaching. And they have some help! Shakira is welcoming Miranda Lambert to the game, Adam is hosting Aloe Blacc, Blake is getting help from The Band Perry and Usher’s advisor is Jill Scott. This is what makes “The Voice” so great, they bring in wives of judges and coaches who have achieved a lot without a ton of notoriety to the mainstream public.

Also, there’s a fake boxing ring, which really brings home the “battle” theme.


TJ vs. Biff: Usher chose “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” because it touched him as a child. Jill calls the two a complete “contrast.” Later, she calls them “air and water.” I get it, she thinks they are different. Usher preps the two by calling the battle, “old school versus new school.”

Biff gave us a pretty phenomenal high kick midway through the song and that sealed the deal for me. Everyone else loved the kick, too. Ultimately, Usher chose TJ.

Steal! Blake chose Biff instantly.


Jake vs. Lexi: Blake has chosen “It Goes Like This” by Thomas Rhett for them because “it’s exactly where country music is today.” I have no idea what that means, but Blake would be the one to know exactly where country music is today, so I trust his judgement.

This performance was interesting, because Jake starting out singing to Lexi. Didn’t feel like a battle. Then, they sang to each other and it really felt like there is going to be a prom date in here somewhere. After a lot of talk about how young the pair is Blake finally chose Jake.


Shakira has welcomed in Miranda Lambert to her team and is looking for pointers on how to take him down. She offered very few pointers. 

Dani vs. Deshawn: Shakira has chosen “My Kind of Love” for their song. Miranda likes it immediately. She shakes her head emphatically. During rehearsals, the two are “out singing” each other, by out screaming each other. Shakira is worried, but finally she is excited enough to dance.

I was somewhat unmoved by this performance. Probably because they were both dressed in black and neither did a high kick. I need the high kicks. Blake and Usher say they would chose Deshawn and Shakira regrets putting these two up against each other. Shakira chooses Dani.


Kat vs. Patrick:  Adam has chosen “Whenever I Call You Friend” a duet by Kenny Loggins and Stevie Nicks. No one loses with Kenny Loggins. Aloe wants Patrick to “imagine the note he wants to hit, and hit it.” This advice has never worked for me, but I hope it works for Patrick.

These two are rockers and this song was a weird choice for them. I think it held them back. But, I’m no expert. Adam picked Kat.

Steal! Shakira stole Patrick.


Paula vs. Sisaundra:  This match-up is  most interesting because neither one of them is a country singer. Even more interesting because Blake chose “Do What You Want” by Lady Gaga for them to sing. It’s also the battle of the large earrings.

Blake chose Sisaundra, which was a shocker to no one on planet earth watching this show.


Jake vs. Stevie Jo: We are reminded that Jake just performed live for the first time during the blind auditions and that Stevie Jo is a risk-taker, because he sings Usher to Usher. The pair will be singing “Higher Love,” which I have not heard since the mid ’90s. Jill Scott has no idea how Usher is going to choose between these two contestants.

While watching these two perform, I mostly wanted to hear Usher perform this song. That is probably not what they want to hear from me, but I want what I want. Adam doesn’t know who he would choose to win, but whoever loses, he’s already announced he would like to steal. Then, Shakira chimes in to do the same. After a really long time and a commercial break, Usher finally revealed his choice: Stevie Jo.

Before Stevie Jo could hug Usher, Shakira and Adam were trying to buzz in to steal Jake. Adam wants Jake to be on his team because, “we both have tattoos.” Shakira tells him she can introduce him to Rihanna.

Steal! Adam gets Jake. Tattoos gotta stick with tattoos.

And with that, round one of the battles are over. What’d you think? Let us know and of course, we’ll be back here tomorrow to recap night two of the battle rounds. 

Image source: NBC/Trae Patton


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