The Voice Recap: Episode 9

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This is Country Outfitter Style’s weekly recap of  ”The Voice.” We’re covering it all season! 

The Battle Rounds continue. Remember: it’s like a boxing match, but with really fun, pretty coaches and no punching– just singing.


Austin vs. Josh: Austin has come on The Voice to “achieve the American dream,” according to Carson. So, he’s in the same category as everyone else. Isn’t this show the definition of the American dream?

Adam has chosen Pharrell’s “Happy” for the battle. Adam keeps picking new, hard songs to sing. Aloe tells the singers that they are battling “against the old you.” Sounds a lot like something someone would tell you in rehab, not a singing competition. I’m not a huge fun of this song selection, but these guys are singing it. Especially the dad in the fedora. Blake agrees with my assessment and says he would pick Josh, as would Usher. Adam agrees and Josh moves on.


Alaska and Madi vs. Audra: The duo is super excited to meet The Band Perry. Blake has chosen “When Will I Be Loved” by Linda Rondstadt. The duo is also really excited about harmonizing, but run into road blocks early, BECAUSE WHO WILL SING? No one talks to or about Audra.

As soon as the battle begins, I’m thinking to myself: why not make it a trio? Audra really uses her moment to shine, while the duo does some choreography in the background. Everyone did pretty well. Usher told Audra to make sure she doesn’t sing too loud, because then “bad notes are really loud bad notes.” None of the judges want to pick a winner, which leads me to believe that no one was really blown away. Blake, after a round of “everyone is amazing,” finally chose Audra. He says Audra reminds him of him.


Deja vs. Music Box: Back to who really all want to see– Miranda Lambert! I really wish we could get her some more screen time throughout this. Shakira choses “Eternal Flame” by the Bangles for the battle. During practice Deja looked at Music Box and called her amazing. The intimidation factor is strong in this one.

We are reminded that Shakira has a new album out today, which is really exciting. But, Johnny Cash’s new album is out today, too.

The battle starts out pretty mellow. And, in my opinion, stayed that way. Adam says he would pick Deja, Blake goes with Ms. Box and Usher doesn’t really make a choice. Shakira finally went with Deja.

Steal! Usher steals Music Box!


Madilyn vs. Tanner: Well, this is awkward! Both singers in this battle are from Provo, Utah. What’s a town to do? Who will they get behind? I don’t think my hometown could handle a decision like that. Both singers are really young and good looking. Apparently they go to the same school, but have never met each other. Usher picks Taylor Swift’s “Everything Has Changed.” Perfect song choice. But, the thing is– it’s actually a duet. I’m interested to see how this goes. Usher calls it the “Romeo and Juliet” battle, but we all know how that one ended.

I was pretty surprised to hear that this version sounds much different than Taylor’s version. Madilyn’s voice is pretty distinct. Adam says the performance was like watching golden retriever puppies frolic. I don’t disagree. Usher goes on and on and on about both performers, but finally chose Madilyn.


Dawn and Hawkes vs. Josh: It’s the battle of the Texans! Adam has chosen “Stuck in the Middle With You.” He thinks it’s a good song for a bunch of people to sing. Josh is already intimidated by the duo. But, Adam realizes that the duo is too in love to sing to each other about not being in love.

Everyone has a guitar for this battle, bringing the total of guitars on stage to three. Personally, I think they should’ve let Josh actually stand in the middle of Dawn and Hawkes. If we’re getting playful, let’s be playful! Blake says it was solid, but he wasn’t blown away by anyone. Adam goes with Dawn and Hawkes.

Steal! Shakira steals Josh.


Bria vs. Tess: You’ll remember that Bria was one of the first blind auditions of the season and is already kinda famous. Usher has chosen “Piece of My Heart.” Tess thinks Bria has the advantage with this song. Jill and Usher tell Bria to take ownership of the space and I have no idea what that means, unless they literally mean it. This could turn into an actual battle. Like, physically.

They are definitely marketing these two differently, as evidenced by outfit choices. Both are good. And loud. Definitely sounds much sweeter and poppier than Janis Joplin’s version. After what feels like a really long time Usher finally chooses Bria. I don’t think anyone is shocked, though he tried to really play it up like we should be.

Steal! Blake steals Tess.


Image sources: Tyler Golden/NBC, YouTube


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