The Voice Recap: Semi-Final Results

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This is Country Outfitter Style’s weekly recap of  “The Voice.” We’re covering it all season! 

We start the show off with “our friends,” Rascal Flatts. Happy to report there was no lip syncing. I think. How will we ever know? Shakira did not look like she was enjoying the performance. It definitely wasn’t one she wanted to “Rewind.”

We head straight to the eliminations. At this point, it really is going to be a toss-up, because everyone left kind of has their own little niche and genre. 

The first finalist is Jake Worthington!

“The Voice” confessional happened again. In quick summation: no one really admitted to have any secrets talents and everyone put on a blonde wig to make fun of Adam Levine.

There was another performance. This time we got Jacquie Lee. She’s like Christina Grimmie, but she’s already been on “The Voice.” She also looks like Selena Gomez, but not.

Our next performance was someone named Will. He’s also been on “The Voice” before. I kind of liked his song, but he had on a sequined tank top and that a lot to take in.

The next artist moving on is Josh Kaufman!

Now, Christina, Kat, and Kristen must perform for the #save. But, not until another former contestant performs. She was good. Lot of leather, big hair. Looked like Bruno Mars, but a girl. In a good way!

First up, Kristen sings “Two Black Cadillacs” by Carrie Underwood.

In a really strange twist, Kat also sang a Carrie Underwood song. It feels weird. Neither one of them strike me as Carrie Underwood-type people.

In a clear sign that someone important is running this reality show, Christina goes with “Apologize” by One Republic. All of the Carrie Underwood songs have been sung.

And the contestant saved by Twitter is Christina Grimmie!

I’d also like to note that I correctly predicted the Top 3.