The Voice Recap: Top 12

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This is Country Outfitter Style’s weekly recap of  ”The Voice.” We’re covering it all season! 

It’s the live show(s)! We’ve made it to the top 12 performers and Usher says, “any of these people could be on the radio today.” Blake went a little extreme and told us these were “some of the best singers in the world.” I don’t not believe him, but I want to remind everybody that this is “The Voice” and not the GRAMMYs.

Image source: PR Photos/ Janice Ogata


Bria Kelly: Usher is excited to see Bria with her guitar back in her hand. She had that guitar last week, but she barely played it. Bria has chosen “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele.

She begins her performance by not touching the guitar. It’s very much a prop at this point. I sang this song in a karaoke cab once and the cab driver took the microphone away from me. I don’t think he would take it away from Bria, but I think he’d want her to be having more fun.

Usher loved it and everyone talked about how “courageous” she was for singing Adele.


Delvin: I’m very, very distracted by Adam’s glasses. It looks like the glasses have cataracts. Delvin has chosen to sing “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers. He’s singing this to his parents, who he creepily, yet sweetly referred to as, “mommy and daddy.” He’s doing this because he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

His suit was electric blue and he tamed his hair, so I could really focus on his performance. He was good. Like, better than good.

Blake said he liked his hair, “pulled back in a calzone.” He also said he sang the “crap” out of it. Which, I’m thinking that’s a good thing.


DANI:  Shakira has chosen “Just Give Me a Reason” by Pink. I think she chose this for her to tone her down a little bit. She even said, “this can’t be musical theatre.” Anytime a coach is giving out advice like that I have to assume the contestant is really good, because that’s not really advice.

What would be really cool is if Nate Russ just appeared out of nowhere to sing the duet part of this song with her. That’d probably shock and awe these people, especially “the New York office worker who left her job.”

Dani was good and it didn’t sound like musical theatre, but to be fair, I don’t get to the theatre much. Adam thinks she did a “fantastic” job, but wanted there to be “something more,” which is exactly how Shakira told her to perform.


Audra: Blake spent a lot of his time during rehearsal talking about Twitter, which really shows, stars! they’re just like us. My friends and I talk about Twitter a lot, too. Usually while we’re preparing for reality television talent shows.

Blake calls Audra the “most identifiable country voice to ever perform on The Voice,” that’s why he gave her “Angel of the Morning” by Juice Newton.

I really heard some twang in her performance, but I’m not sure she nailed it. Usher called her “great” and “wonderful” and said something really weird about having to pee if he holds a note for a really long time. Adam told her, “I’m not going to get too technical,” which seems like the kiss of death on this show, because don’t they need technical critiques? Blake tells her to drop out of medical assistant school to be a country singer.


TJ: TJ is singing a modern song this week with John Mayer’s “Waiting on the World to Change.” I can’t confirm this, but he has to be one of the first singers from South Central LA/Compton to ever perform a John Mayer song on a reality television talent show. Right? Has to be.

I don’t think TJ showed me anything different than he’s been showing us throughout the battle rounds. Shakira just said she’s his cheerleader and that he’s sincere, but never really said anything about his actual song performance. Blake calls him “infectious…in a good way.” But, again, never really said anything about his performance.


Christina: I keep trying to not get Christina and Bria mixed up, but I kind of do. Adam is still wearing those glasses and it’s like he doesn’t want anyone to see his eyes. They are transition lenses without ever transitioning.

Christina is singing “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry. Her performance is just: a real performance. Her outfit is sparkly and leather-y, but she could’ve sang this song in a trash bag and everyone would’ve been impressed. What’s really fun, is that if you’ve ever seen Katy Perry perform this you know just how different this performance is from what she does. This was raw and kind of gritty, not poppy or bouncy at all.

Blake says she’s the artist to beat on Adam’s team and Adam agrees with me and says that she really made that song her song.


Sisaundra: Blake asks Sisaundra what she wants to do and she goes with, “pop soul.” I’ll take it. I’d listen to just about anything she wants to sing. She chooses ” Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” by Elton John.

Blake tells her to reign it in during rehearsals and she agrees, but I’m fairly confident that did not happen during this performance. And why would it? You wouldn’t tell a bird not to fly or encourage Michael Jordan to pass more, so just let Sisaundra sing!

Usher calls her incredible, Adam thought she showed restraint and it was the most incredible part of her performance.


Kristen: She’s worried that her look won’t get her too far with a country artist. Shakira is worried because she has the only country artist not on Blake’s team. She’s singing “Stay” by Sugarland and decided she wants to sit for her performance.

I closed my eyes for a second and it really, really sounded like Jennifer Nettles was singing. In an awful twist of electronic terribleness her mic went out and we couldn’t hear the last two or three lines of her performance. It was a real shame because the girl has pipes.


Kat: Adam wants her to continue in the classic rock vein and goes with “Magic Man” by Heart for her performance. Honestly, if I could sing a Heart song on national television wild horses couldn’t drag me away.

She’s softened up her look for this performance and I like it! She’s still rockin’ and wearing leather, but having her hair down makes her seem like a different person. She kind of only has one go-to dance move and that’s endearing for a karaoke performance, but I really need her to graduate from the arm-extended-over-the-head move.

Blake recalls that she was the nanny (for five children) and is blown away by that fact. (I worked at a daycare for a long time and people are still fairly shocked by that, so I can really relate to her right now.) Usher calls her “dope, powerful and steady.”


Jake: Jake has a passion to keep country music alive, in the genre of George Strait and George Jones. He’s chosen “Anymore” by Travis Tritt. Blake tells him to sing it to one person (I hope it’s me!).

If a puppy had George Strait’s voice, that’d be Jake. He’s talented, charming and best of all– humble. How can you not love him? Shakira calls him endearing and Blake agrees.


Tess: Shakira has chosen “I’ll Be There For You” by Bon Jovi. She mumbled something about a tough girl going through law school, but I didn’t follow. However, I’d love to see a tough lawyer sing Bon Jovi sometime.

I’m excited to see that Tess gets a guitarist up front with her like Kat did. This is reminds us– this girl is a rocker! Lest we forget by the fact that she’s singing a rock ballad.

I like her bedazzled pant suit. It’s like Hillary Clinton and Steven Tyler got together with Beyonce and designed her outfit.

Blake thinks she’s the artist from Team Shakira to be. I agree. She’s real good.


Josh: Usher tells Josh to quit being so nervous and “take control of the space.” This is the same advice I give to myself before I go stag to a wedding.

He’s singing “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith. I have no idea what that weird backdrop is doing while he sings, but somehow it didn’t distract me from Josh’s performance, which tells me– he did great! He’s really good, I just want that fedora gone. And I want him to quit dressing like he’s a detective in the 1920s.

And that’s that! Tonight, we’ll see who America loves or really dislikes.