The Voice: Semi-Finals

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This is Country Outfitter Style’s weekly recap of  “The Voice.” We’re covering it all season! 

According to Carson Daly, “this is the semi-finals.” Each artist will perform twice, filling the entire 2 hours. Just in case you were nervous.

Usher performed his newest single, “Good Kisser” and danced his dance moves. One of his back-up dancers did the splits. A lot. Any adult that can do the splits (three times in a row, from a jump) is impressive to me.


(Performance 1) Kristen: We travel to Hanson, Massachusetts to learn about Kristen “dropping the saxophone real quick,” after 2 years. She didn’t like country music, now she does. She’s singing “Gunpowder and Lead” by Miranda Lambert.

Kristen has really sassed up her outfit tonight with a rhinestone collar and belt. There are also a lot of sparkles on her pants. It’s like a Branson show dressed her. (I know this outfit probably wasn’t her idea, but I have to comment on it.) Her performance is good. It’s hard to tell if Shakira liked it. Just kidding. Shakira loved it.


(Performance 1) Josh: Josh loves Indianapolis because he met his wife there and his bandmates. His daughter’s class at school made a video of kids wearing fedoras and yelling something sweet about him. I couldn’t understand them, but it doesn’t matter. Josh is singing “All of Me” in honor of his family tonight.

John Legend is a really hard artist to cover because he’s beyond talented. Josh has taken this song (that’s currently on the radio every 4 minutes) and made it sound totally different. It’s haunting. And he’s sans hat, so I’m in. What if I said I liked this version better than the original? (I won’t say it, but I could. And I’m qualified to say that because I own numerous John Legend albums. Actually, I’m going to say: this version is better than the original.)


(Performance 1) Kat: Kat doesn’t get to pick her first song. She’s singing a pop song, “Chandelier,” but she said it’s a rock song just 4 seconds after telling us it wasn’t a rock song. Adam is ready for her to have her breakout performance.

The stage was outfitted with a number of chandeliers for her performance. The props department really nailed it on this one. Kat’s performance was a bit softer than normal, but soft for her is hard for others. She did well.


(Performance 1) Jake: We learn that Jake is in FFA. He is really into animals and wants to go to Texas A&M. He’s such a sweet kid. He says he’s thinking of his family and friends every time he steps on the stage and tonight he dedicates his song to his best friends back home and goes with “Good Ole Boys” by Waylon Jennings.

I don’t know how he does it, but he’s made his voice sound 20 years older and rougher– in a good way! He sounds classic country and classic country to him is Rascal Flatts. It was quite the performance.


(Performance 1) Christina: For some reason, we don’t get to see Adam’s people go home first. We have to see his choices for everyone. He’s chosen “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap. She’s going to be singing with some electronic equipment. Adam describes it as “having a nervous breakdown.”

I definitely didn’t pick up on the “nervous breakdown” vibe, but I did catch on to the fact that this chick is talented and not even Adam making her sing with a robot could knock her off her game. The song was a little boring, but when you’re good– you’re good.

Josh: Usher has chosen “Love Runs Out” by One Republic for Josh’s second performance. Per the usual, it was good. The lighting effects were a little much, but he can’t control that. I would be shocked if we aren’t hearing this guy on the radio a lot in the next year or so. He will not be working at the book store after this.

Kat: We finally learn that Kat is from Ohio and grew up listening to country music, but now, rock is in her heart. She is dedicating her performance to the kids she used to nanny and of course, she’s singing “Let it Go.” I really wish Carson would’ve channeled John Travolta and called her: Mat Kerpins! This song is done and done and she didn’t do much to help the song or her chances to make it past next week.

Kristen: I’m not sure why, but Kristen is crying a lot while talking to Shakira. Shakira has chosen Jewel’s “Foolish Games” for her performance. I’m excited to hear her sing something besides country. She’s ditched the rhinestone collar for a large belt buckle and simple cardigan. It works and so does the song. I think Shakira cried during it, but I couldn’t really tell.

Christina: In the sweetest way, Christina tells a brief story about “growing up.” This is sweet because she turned 20 during this season of the show. She’s from New Jersey and is dedicating Fun.’s “Some Nights” to all of her friends and vows to never forget where she came from. I’m way over this song, but somehow she made it interesting. I think most people would call this: talent. And a lot of it.

Jake: I’m just now realizing we haven’t spent anytime talking about how Jake and Blake rhyme. I’ve really missed a lot of jokes. Blake has chosen “Heaven” by Bryan Adams for Jake. He really put on the twang for what is normally a half-way sexy song sang by a Canadian. For the most part, it works. But, has he gotten more twangy in the last couple of weeks?

There’s just no telling what could happen after this.

But, if I were really going to bet on it, I’d say Josh, Christina and Jake move on.