9 Pretty Funny Tweets About the “This Is Us” Finale

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I like “This Is Us,” but I don’t love “This Is Us.” It feels like it’s a bit much most of the time, but I can identify why people watch it, but not why they cry every episode. Mostly, I love the ridiculous things people say about it on Twitter.

9 Pretty Funny Tweets About the “This Is Us” Finale:

1. The truest.

2. We could go back in time with April too and figure out how she got here.

3. Even I forgot about “ER” and I watched it.

4. But, less annoying?

5. Right?! But, true. The truth hurts.

6. Just like grandma always said.

7. Actually looks like someone I know.

8. But, you don’t even get free food.

9. Actually, this is smart.