“Property Brothers” Was Referenced During “This Is Us,” and Jonathan Scott Said It Gave Him Chills

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Spoiler alert for those of you who aren’t caught up on “This Is Us!”

During the January 23 episode, Randall suggests to Beth that they should start their own real estate company, R&B Properties, but they would have to do several repairs on their first building.

Randall, of course, starts to get ahead of himself, talking about all of the things he wants to do to the building and for the tenants. Beth then brings him back down to earth, saying he needs to take his time.

“Yes. You’re right. I’ve been watching too much “Property Brothers.” I need to slow my roll,” Randall replies.

Jonathan Scott took to Instagram to share the clip, along with the caption: “Even though it sometimes makes me ugly cry (in the best way), I love @NBCThisisUs. So, imagine my excitement to have #PropertyBrothers referenced on last night’s episode! It gave me chills.”


Honestly, kind of surprised they didn’t reference “Fixer Upper,” but we’ll take it!